Man Jewelry History of Sterling Silver

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The richness and ease of moulding Sterling silver made it appealing to be used to make ornamental objects to decorate the surroundings and the person. Eventually Sterling silver was used to manufacture objects of daily use such as "table metal" like and coffee services, trays, cutlery and candle holders. Sterling Silver has always been considered as a symbol of comfortable living, if not downright wealth!

Craftsmen have for centuries been working silver and creating objects which have been sought out by museums and private collectors. Designs have varied, reflecting the individual taste and whims of a changing society. Sterling Silver has retained its position of prominence, bringing charm and elegance to homes throughout the world.

Silver is one of the most useful metals and has uses in decorative arts, industry and photography. It is the world's best conductor of electricity and heat and is used to make coins and bullion, jewelry silverware, photographic film. The typical concentration of Silver used in coins is 90% with the other 10% being Copper for added strength. Dentistry mixtures and electrical contacts use Silver alloys and photographic emulsions contain Silver Halides that are sensitive to light.

During the 19th Century Silver Jewelry became more affordable because of advances in technology. Electroplating was invented. Tiffany and Company began producing Silverware in New York in the mid 1850s. The Navajo tribes of the American Southwest began working Silver (learned from Mexican artists) around the same time as well and had passed their skills onto other tribes by the 1870s.

Now in the 21st Century Sterling Silver Jewelry is sought after and affordable to all persons. Man Jewelry is big and beautiful. Men prefer the chunky crafted silver jewelry and the chunky sterling silver chains. The more man jewelry the better. Not just rings on the fingers but chains, and bracelets, toe rings and body jewelry.

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Man Jewelry History of Sterling Silver

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This article was published on 2010/04/27